New Server Schedule

January 2019
EU Server:

February Update 02/02/2018

Time: 2018-02-09 08:42

Dear players,

A maintenance will be performed the 09th February between 10:00 AM and 13:00AM

During the maintenance, servers will be unavailable.

Details of the maintenance:

1. Open the War Helmet Astral
2. Optimize the Fashion Wardrobe:wipe out fashions with XX days time limit, keep every fashion with signs of permanent and time-limited
3. New Boss - Holy Devil
4. New Evolution Dungeon (Claw)
5. New interface for seven days login, independent functional icons, change the opening level to lvl.15 
6. New fashions: Royal Set(fashion), Annabear(elf), Crystal Heart(talisman), Blue Flame(wings)
7. Add Extreme Mount and Wings Evolving Stone to the shop
8. Add Goddess' Exchange and Accumulation Spend Event after server opening
9. Change the icons of Valentine's Day Event
10. Add Athena's figure in Pandora's Box, player should use corresponding items for lucky draw
11. New function of Monthly Card (lvl.40)
12. New activities between 2.11~2.24